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FanFix Media

Branding, Marketing Strategy Development & UX Design 

FanFix the final product of a student-developed start-up at Portland State University. I was part of a team of 5, as the marketing lead and brand/web designer. This unique experience allowed each member to showcase their different areas of expertise and create a company from scratch.

The process was to first identify the problem: that there is a need among sports fans for a service that offers sports entertainment and the ability to watch sports games, past or present, without paying an absurdly high price. FanFix is aimed to fulfill this need by offering online streaming of sports games, whether live or archived. FanFix will be focused on providing consumers ad-free, on-demand games on their television or mobile devices.

Primary and Secondary Research:  We conducted a full market analysis to better understand the target consumer demographics, competitive market, and profit potential. Using analytical metrics like porters five forces, swot analysis, and tows metrics to direct FanFix business strategy.

Business Plan and ​Strategy Development: We used the research insight to refine the company's overall strategy, competitive advantage, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, and develop the internal business structure. 

Product Development & Investor Presentation: When the business plan was complete, we moved to initial product prototype development, created a brand identity, and presented it to future investors. 

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